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"The Best Potential for
Weight Loss Occurs
When We Balance
Food, Exercise,
and Our Minds into
Positive Focus"


We all have our Moments in weight loss. Have you ever had moments like mine?

  • I just had a great week, did all the right things, ate perfectly, exercised consistently, and lost a couple of pounds. I can even feel a little bit off my backside. Doesn’t that feel great? That is a moment to remember.

  • It’s 9:00 pm, and that bowl of ice cream seems much more important than losing weight. That is a difficult moment.

  • My alarm has gone off at a time that will allow me to exercise before I go to work. In this moment, getting an extra few minutes in bed is more comfortable than getting up and exercising.

For me, dealing with losing weight is moment by moment. Losing weight seems like it should be easy. What is so difficult about losing weight? Eat better, Eat Less, and exercise regularly. It is as simple as that. Right?

But here we are, most of us weighing more than is healthy for us, weighing more than we are comfortable with, and weighing more and more.

The purpose of this web site is to help us all with our moments in weight loss – the good and the bad, the fat and the thin. Let’s work together and make progress, make changes, and make a difference in our lives.

What I offer here is the truth. The reason we are overweight goes beyond just liking potato chips too much. It is more than counting calories and going to aerobics class. Let’s start making connections to our behaviors.




The first thing we need to do is to cut out the chatter in our heads. Close your eyes and pause the speedway that is racing in your mind. If you can be quiet for the moments that you read this web site, perhaps something will speak to you. Open your mind to the possibilities at hand.

Now, here is what I am hoping you will get out of the support offered in this web site: You are perfect. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. You have the power to be whom you want to be.

I know you don't believe me, but it's true.

Now, take a weight loss moment and read through this web site and be sure to listen to and/or participate with the live internet talk show.  You may also download it as a podcast. Click here for info

Find the perfection in you.

Let's not find ourselves - Let us create ourselves.

What's next? Well, click on where YOU would like to start.

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